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Concerts for the City

Offering beauty in the midst of real life. Concerts featuring classical music shared by talented musicians

Music for its own sake

We are musicians because we love the expression that these sounds give to our hearts, our souls, our bodies, our relationships, our humanity. We make music for our city to share our gratitude and joy that this art exists. We make music for our city in hope that it brings a moment of beauty into the midst of a day. We make music because music wants to be made.

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A Sanctuary of Sound

We perform in beautiful Holy Trinity Anglican Church, a Sanctuary for the City, right in the heart of downtown Winnipeg.

Next Concert

Our next concert, titled Love Lives Here, is at 12:10 PM on Friday, June 23, 2023.Composers have been writing about all kinds of love since the art form’s inception. From the classically stylized German art song to TikTok channels of contemporary singer-songwriters, music has often been used to express the heartbreak, beauty, confusion, and delight that accompanies love. Love Lives Here pays homage to all kinds of love in its many states paired with classically trained musicians, setting their stories on love in unique ways.This concert features local musicians Ashley Boychuk, Kyle Briscoe, and Rachel Colman. For more information on these fine artists, scroll down.

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Ashley Boychuk

ASHLEY BOYCHUK is a coloratura soprano who has been praised for her brilliance in both performance and delivery, “did not disappoint, fearlessly nailing her topmost notes while confidently skipping through florid coloratura runs during ‘Der Hölle Rache’ that earned the evening’s only cries of bravo.” (Holly Harris, The Winnipeg Free Press). Ms. Boychuk’s career includes engagements throughout North America and Europe and awards from competitions such as the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions.An advocate for the arts, Ms. Boychuk is Board President of the Winnipeg indie-opera company Flipside Opera and Art Song Collective. An arts administrator within the non-for-profit arts sector for over ten years, serving both national and provincial organizations, Ms. Boychuk is currently working as a fundraiser with Manitoba Opera.

Rachel Colman

RACHEL COLMAN has been playing music and fostering participation in singing in Anglican congregations in Winnipeg and Toronto for more than a decade. Here she brings pieces of living, liturgy, and scripture to life in her own songs. Rachel is currently an Artist in Residence and involved as a music leader at St. Benedict's Table, an evening church community in Winnipeg. Her upcoming album will feature songs reflecting on God's presence with us during difficult seasons. Rachel's recorded music is available through Bandcamp or her channel on YouTube.

An image of a woman whose hat and top are created of images representing cityscapes.

Kyle Briscoe

KYLE BRISCOE is a queer interdisciplinary opera artist, administrator, teacher, producer, and recording artist. Kyle’s artistry values creation, arts advocacy, digital content, and leadership through vulnerability, championing self-love and discovery.Kyle completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Manitoba studying as a tenor under baritone Mel Braun where he has been praised for his beautiful tone and endearing vulnerability respectively.Born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba, Kyle is a prairie boy at heart who is passionate about immersing himself in everything that involves music in Manitoba. He is invested in connecting with members of his community and those abroad to learn from their lived experiences that ultimately inform his artistry.

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